Faithful Fawnication
I'm satanic, people call me Matangi
"Hakim Bey writes of the Temporary Autonomous Zone, secret utopias that spring up and then disappear with no trace. In this age of empire- full spectrum dominance, New World Order, collapse of the Real into Simulation- ephemerality is no longer a mere characteristic, but is become a value. Affinity groups, squats, Rainbow Gatherings, Burning Man; whole minor civilizations appearing like mushrooms after rain, disappearing like sun-burnt mist, untraceable, a vision, a dream. The holes in the cybernate, the dead spot in the pan-opticion’s eye. We must know our friends when we see them, like Christians of old Rome wearing the sign of the fish."

The Gospel of Anarchy - Justin Taylor

"Virtues of Disappearance"

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